(jacket-Free People, tee-Marc Jacobs, denim-Helmut Lang, slide-Prada)


Rainbow Hoodlum(n): a happy-go-lucky, sarcastic and sassy vandal who will enthusiastically break the law to create a good photo shoot. i.e. Trey Short

I made my team break through the heavily NO TRESPASSING signed fence around this property because I thought this location was so appropriable to the look we couldn’t pass it up. This is an abandoned restaurant that has been neglected and “personalized” by Austin’s finest precisely to my liking…well, for this shoot at least.

Looking over these images now it seems as if I’m the vaunting creator of the artwork behind me…probable.

If only my clothes weren’t so expensive;)

I’m really vibing with the loose casual fun in fashion..i’m sure we’ve all noticed the slew of slouchiness all over the it girls and boys on instagram; the 80s/90s revival, the ironic high-low brand pairings, the extreme proportion play, etc. There seems to be a cadence of juxtaposition happening in outfitting with the idea of intentional irony.

I’m sampling a bit of that myself, here.

To break down my look: i’m going for an overall feel of comfortable, colorful and worn-in sunny vibe. I chose two areasin which to show my body’s shape and two areas to create my own shape with the clothing. I really resonated with pairing the two denim pieces together which left me with the puzzle of how to make it work. My solution was to pair tight or revealing pieces with them to prevent drowning in all of the bulk. I chose a seemingly 90’s cut women’s tee as my shell to expose my slender torso (that sounds so weird) and give the jacket it’s own identity. Pairing a tight fitting top under a jacket maintains separation and prevents the two fabrics from moving as one lending the jacket freedom to fall and flow fluidly. I chose a slide for the shoe to add the least amount of weight possible. I do like the whole TLC look, sneakers with the loose straight leg denim, but seeing as how i cant exactly pull off the bra/denim look ill stick to the lower weighted shoe. lol



Trey Short
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