the pink porch

the pink porch

(tee-topman, gaucho-dkny, sandal-birkenstock)


So, here I am..trolling on properties in downtown Austin and I stumble across this re-purposed house with an AMAZING plantation style wrapped porch and I literally made myself right at home…or should i say right at porch? nah, terrible.

This particular day was super hot and I was feeling the loose/breathable fabrics. To pull of a slouchy look you have to carry yourself in a certain light to support it. You have to move your body with the fabric, with the motion, feel the freedom and movement within the wind. I’m big on the “don’t let your clothes wear you” mantra and nothing is worse than someone trying too hard or not having the emotional/body language to support their aesthetic. Blah. Be comfortable in your skin and understand what you’re saying..(through outfitting);)

Easier said than done, I hear ya.

I’ve paired some pieces together that are simple yet have subtle interest in the details.The blush tee offers a relaxed silhouette with a widened shoulder and my seersucker gaucho has interest in the perpendicular panel running along the bottom. Adding the floral birks solidify my look by bringing in some shy pink tones and the mix-print enhances my free-spirited insinuation. The wide neck and sandal work because I’m compensating for the amount of fabric I’m wearing by showing as much skin as i can where possible.

take aways: detailing, body language & skin-to-clothing ratio




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