stellar in stella

stellar in stella

sweater- stella mccartney, pant- missguided, sneaker-prada

Fashion should keep us on our toes, make us feel, wonder and arouse our senses. If there’s one thing we can expect from Stella McCartney it’s an exciting silhouette. Putting my hands on this asymmetrical sweater for the first time was as titillating as a mouthful of pop rocks. At first glance I was drawn to the color and silhouette of this sweater but with a closer look I realized the detailing in the construction is the real selling point. I immediately started putting together ensembles in my head as if I were dressing a paper barbie. You know, the ones Moschino recently brought to life by living dolls Bella and Gigi? Well, imagine me imagining myself as one layering on pieces from my wardrobe that I’d wear with this sweater. This is how my brain works..I’m all visual.

The direction of the ribbed fabric used in this top varies by the panels it’s comprised of and my thought behind the look was to dramatize that idea of direction. I chose a vertical striped and pleated gaucho that carried the linear idea down my look. The sneaker I grabbed has a pink sole that also mimics a stripe and solidifies the theme. I also like a crisp white sneaker contrasting pastel colors. Adding a true black or white to a dusty colors makes them seemingly more saturated and enhances contrast. Try it.

Photographer, Maja Buck, and I met up early in the morning to shoot this on Austin’s colorful east side thinking it was early enough to avoid foot traffic…oh, were we wrong. The location we scouted for this look is apparently a popular breakfast spot so we ended up being street performers for all the passersby. I believe half of them thought I was a Miley Cyrus impersonator. Lol which made this just as entertaining for me as it was for them. Ironically no one realized I was concurrently watching them, well, in between memory cards of course. I love to people watch. I find people so fascinating! I get just as captivated in this as I do scrolling through my Instagram or Facebook feed; starting with cute cat photos and somehow ending up lost on Youtube watching Beyonce’s hair getting caught in a fan. Scary. However, a situation I spot all too often is how comically repelling it is to some crossing pathways with another human wearing an outfit that completely opposes theirs. I find it funny how difference is equivalated to negativity. There are so many missed opportunities due to our perceptions of each other. Or should I say our lack to perceive each other?

Books don’t even truully get good until you’re half way into them, right?

This is a integral reason as to why it’s important to be conscience of what you’re representing through outfitting. Is your clothing saying what you want about you?

Food for thought.





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