sleepwear or daywear?

sleepwear or daywear?

(hat-brixton, top/bottom-kate spade, bracelet-vintage find, loafer- stuart weitzman)


How do we all feel about the pj’s as street style trend that’s pulsing in and out of fashion?

I know the interpretation mostly consists of silk menswear tops/bottoms and robes or nineties slip dresses but here I’m going a little heavier weight with a two-piece cotton set. The functionality of a set is just unbeatable. It’s like carrying a swiss army knife in your closet. Having the option to outfit together or separately is really appealing to me because I go through phases of indulgence in outfitting styles. Having the possibility to create three looks in the same emotion..out of one set…..can anything top this?

The key to pulling off this look is to add statement pieces that polish your over all ensemble. In my rendition of this trend I’ve opted to pair my pajama set with a loafer and no sock to add some elevation yet stay true to the nonchalance of wearing pajamas. Adding a black hat is a nice balance of not only the loafer but also the negative space of an open arm. As always, I’m preaching ratios. Lastly, I opted for gold embellishments over silver because I enjoy the warmth it lends to the reds in the cherry blossoms.

The chunkier additives (the shoe, hat and bracelet) add some masculinity to this floral two-piece because they offer a heavier weight. I wanted some type of bulk to ground my appeal and add some structure to my body frame. Adding darker elements, which are perceived as visual weight, and actually large or heavy items gave me a stronger image by framing my slouchy pj.

This trend is admittedly right at home in my comfortable wardrobe and I’m definitely voting for daywear over sleepwear… #imwithcomfy



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