sweatshirt- Marc Jacobs, denim-Blank NYC, sneaker-Acne Studios,


*music ensues*

..video killed the radio star starts playing..

^^if this were a Myspace page that would no doubt be my background song.

The 80’s is by far my favorite decade (that I never experienced) and I love the new #IWantMyMJTV capsule collection nodding to it. What makes this collection even more perfect for me is his inclusion of pastels!;) The piece I’m wearing is a baby blue short sleeved sweatshirt adorned in Lisa Frank zebra sequins in the shape of a MTV logo. Similar tops in various colors feature leopard print or palm trees inside the MTV logo. Accompanying this is the Paradise Prints collection which includes everything you wish was still relevant from the nineteen eighties; pins, patches, bows, acid wash, band tees and tulle. Ok, maybe you wouldn’t wish it was still relevant..but after seeing these pieces I know you’ll reevaluate.

My idea behind this outfitting is to show a more lifestyled way of wearing this top opposed to the dramatized version featured in the lookbook, which I love btw.  I threw on a stark white denim to really emphasize the color coordination of my blues. Since the shoe matched so perfectly I had to make that a feature. I also tried to keep the extent of fun/kitch to the sequins on the top and face emblem on my shoe. This acne sneaker has almost taken the place of my everyday shoe..the leather is by far the softest and it’s just the right level of saturation for me. I kind of want it in every color….yikes.

The slogan “no hem required” is prominent in denim right now so I decided to feature that trend and use my newest frayed jean. The whole intentionally disheveled outfitting technique is lathered over styling across the board. We’re wearing our jeans with distressing, our hair is just the right amount of beachy or effortless and our jackets are off the shoulder just-so to prove how on-the-go we are. Brands like golden goose a killing the game in the “already worn” aesthetic of their sneakers. Keep in mind adding this element to a look completely changes your over all message. For instance, if I were to pair a white track pant or suit pant with this sweatshirt I would have evaded a completely different message and perhaps held myself a little differently to personify that altered image. A track pant would have added a casual sporty slouchiness and a cropped, tailored suit pant would have emphasized clean lines and the boxy silhouette of the top.

My point is to realize each piece makes a difference. Each detail makes a difference.

More importantly, the eighties are baackkkkk!

Jem and the Holograms better make room for me, I’m coming for Rio!




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