blue skies and dior eyes

blue skies and dior eyes

top-gary graham, pants- trouve, sneaker- acne studios, sunnies- dior


Have you been to McKinney Falls?

The skies seem perpetually blue with this perfect breeze that softly caresses the topography with all of it’s onlookers included.

I chose this location to feature this look for those very reasons. The gradient of this denim top emphasizes the natural watercolor the sky is painted with. The wind was blowing just enough to breathe life into the track pant I’m wearing and literally gave my hair a personality of it’s own.

The two fabrics of my top/bottom are really dichotomous yet extremely compatible because they compliment each other so well. My top being so structured and abstract emphasizes the natural movement and fluidity of the loos-fitting track pant on bottom. Prime example of yin and yang.

This is a look I was unsure about, initially. I felt from the waist up I was a little too 80’s..all I’d need are some fingerless gloves and a little eye liner and I’d be on the hood of a car in a rock video. However, considering how the athleisure trend still isn’t dwindling, I settled on adding that modern element to the bottom half with the tear-away pant and sneaker. It bring this throw back full circle. Now, let’s face it..almost everything is cyclical in fashion. The modernization or edge of ‘today’ is prevalent in the styling. The silhouettes were skewing, new fabric juxtapositions, new irony. It’s fascinating how new eyes interpret old ideas..

Just wait, athleisure will resurface in about thirty years..I’ll be laughing at my kids and finally know what it feels like to be my parents.



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