busting out the blonde

busting out the blonde

(shirt-Equipment, pant- Tibi, sunnies-Prada, ring-Louis Vuitton)


Introducing my latest accessory…BLONDE HAIR!

After long debate over switching over to the light side I finally pulled the trigger and decided see how much fun blondes actually have;)

Like all of us I turned to our good old friend, Google, for inspo. I searched celebrity root shading and got flooded with images mainly of the Beibs, Rita Ora and Britney Spears..it was like blonde light bulb was flicked on..if the queen of pop can make it work (for 20 years) I can too. I think that’s a legitimate comparison lol. I went to the best, Eddie Sanchez, (@balayagedandbeachy) at Ron King and three hours later…I was actually balayaged and beachy.

For this post I chose to create a black and white look allowing my hair to remain focal. Seeing as how I have this tosseled hair I decided to transfer that fluid energy throughout the look and gravitated towards apparel with a ton of movement. I started with the Tibi bottoms because I was drawn to the wide leg and double layer interest. It’s essentially a high-waisted pant with a attached outer layer resembling a low-rise trouser. Some version of a slouchy/roomy pant is prevalent all throughout the world of Tibi. Every collection has a bottom that I consider androgynous and malleable between gender aesthetics and that alone is enough to keep me staying tuned in to every episode. I chose this equipment top for a couple reasons: to enhance the idea of movement and to balance the bulk of the pant leg. You know the rule, white enlarges and black diminishes. Even though the top doesn’t literally measure up to the width of my pant their respective colors help make the seem similar, visually. The white top seems a little larger than it is and the black pant seems a little smaller than it actually is. I technique to counter balance the narrowness of the high waist is to tuck in the flouncy pajama top; it creates some bloussiness and width and opening it up gives me that nice broadening inverted triangle and leaves me feeling free spirited. Throwing on a sneaker tones down the beachiness and brings me “back to the city.”

As you can tell I’m looking forward to playing with this fresh aesthetic. I’ve been in the mood for something new and this will provide an outlet for newer outfitting styles and ensembles I’ll be able to play with.

Stay tuned. Episode 2 of me as a blonde will be coming soon to a screen in your hand.:) <<cheesy.






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